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          Super Delay Premature Ejaculation Climax Sex Spray For Men


          climax延時噴劑體驗裝 1瓶 climax延時噴劑基礎裝 3瓶 climax延時噴劑優惠裝 5瓶 



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          產地 中國大陸
          品名 Spray
          品牌 other/其他
          配件類型 其他/other
          顏色分類 key for women key for men 1PCS 2PCS 3PCS
          百科 延時噴劑應該怎么選用才有效果?


          new arrival?。?!price include carriage ?。。。。?!
          If you have any questions, please don′t hesitate to contact us?。?!
          new arrival?。?!price include carriage ?。。。。?!
          Climax Spray to increase the sensitivity threshold.
          Aerosol Spray, when sprayed on extra sensitive organ, it increases the sensitivity threshold to bring slow and lasting control.
          Thus enhancing the level of satisfaction and fulfilling the desired expectations.
          Guaranteed Delay Premature Ejaculation for Immense Sexual Pleasure.
          Enhance Sex Power & Erection
          Have Prolong Sex Time
          Provide Full satisfaction to your partner (Avoid Divorces because of Unhappy & Unsatisfied Sexual Life)
          Enjoy Longer lasting Sexual Activity
          Achieve Highest Orgasms
          Authentic & Successful product for last many years
          What is Climax Spray?
          In today's fast paced modern world where the tensions and anxieties to cope up with pressures at work as well as to excel exist it is common that working male or female members carry their tensions and anxieties home. This leads to many problems the most significant being dissatisfaction in their sex lives.
          Sexual confidence gets shaken. Both the partners may remain dissatisfied leading to further tensions and anxieties. This circle continues and these events take place at an increasingly faster pace.
          Such couples are advised use of local anesthetic by the male partner as a part of the overall therapeutic approach.
          So What is Climax Spray?
          Climax Spray is an aerosol spray used for topical application . When sprayed on the extra sensitive organ, it increases the sensitivity threshold to bring slow and lasting control thus enhancing the level of satisfaction and fulfilling the desired expectations. Climax Spray is the latest in climax control technology and has proven it's potency in actual tests. This fast-acting formula helps maintain an erection and delays ejaculation. Please your partner every time!
          Directions for use:
          Shake container well before use. Spray Climax Spray 3 to 4 times from 5cm distance over penis. Must spray on Frenulum. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes & you are ready for blasting experience.
          Contra-Indications & Side Effects:
          Climax is generally safe and has no systemic effects.
          Local anesthetics should not be given to patients with myasthenic gravis, epilepsy, impaired cardiac condition or liver damage.
          Over 200 metered doses. Each actuation delivers 5 mg.
          Net Contents: 12 g
          Why Climax Spray?
          It is a great desensitizing spray for the man who is a little to quick off the mark. This spray is specifically designed to reduce the sensitivity to touch of the penis and so delays the climax until you're both ready. A fantastic prolonging device that even couples without any concerns should give a try.
          Climax Spray: Chemical and Biological Compatibility
          Various active ingredients, excipients, additives chosen may react with each other and destroy each other. However, in Climax  Spray, the chemical, chosen are compatible with each other and hence don't react with each other. The propellent gas chosen i.e. Freon gas, which is also chemically inert. Hence long stability is ensured.


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